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Stay connected with this slick sexy sporty round case smart watch. The iTIME Surge will keep you on your daily grind with our new

A.ccurate C.ontrol C.enter U.nit APP. Our ground breaking app will clearly help you track your heart rate, sleep, step and calories to keep up with your active lifestyle.

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Take control of your active lifestyle with the iTIME 4RCE. This 46mm smart watch will help you navigate through your healthy active goals. The iTIME 4RCE comes with Our highly effective A.C.C.U App. Where you can monitor Heart Rate, Sleep, Step, Message, Camera and Music with a longer lasting battery and 5 ATM water resist to keep you focused on the prize.  

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Make a splash at work or in the gym with the iTIME STORM-1. Designed to match your aesthetic and your heavy active lifestyle. You will never skip a beat, the STORM-1 will keep you connected with our own ACCU App, Through messaging, call alerts, blood pressure, sleep and step count. Set your Activity goals The iTIME STORM-1 will do the rest.  

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The iTIME FIT-PRO will keep you commited to your health kick goals. This slim fit tracker packs all the powerful apps to jumstart your active lifestyle in this sleek light weight bracelet. Monitors heart rate, sleep, step, blood pressure while you're on the GO!  

Kids love the iTIME Kids Recess smart watch. It Features 7 games, camera, step counter, voice recorder, calculator and you can change up to 7 watch faces with cool new artwork. Loads of fun on your wrist. 

The iTIME Kids BLAST will definitely capture your kids imagination. With all new elevated features and functionality will keep them having a BLAST! Whether on a school bus or at home or just running around outside. COMING SOON.

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